The Waterville Times prints obituaries free of charge. We cannot take obituary information from any other newspaper, so funeral directors and family members have to submit the article. Obituaries can include information not printed in newspapers that charge for the service; we encourage family members to share something special about the person. We will print the names and addresses of surviving children and spouses/companions, and names of grandchildren, siblings, in-laws and the names of siblings, spouse and children who predeceased the person. We do not print thank you’s to medical staff and others, but will include a charity for memorial donations. People can also submit obituaries for former area residents and out-of-area relatives of local residents. A photo can also be included with the obituary, free of charge. Photos will be returned if you give us an envelope or an address. Photos can be in color. Obituaries can be brought to our office, mailed to Box C, Waterville, emailed to or faxed to 841-4104.


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