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October 7, 2015 Front Page Headlines

BCS Damages Could Reach $225,000
In the Brookfield Central School gym Friday morning, kindergarten teacher Christina Parzych enthusiastically read a story about Clifford the Big Red Dog. In the story, Clifford does a number of things to show good manners and behavior. The kids sitting on the floor, along with the parents and younger siblings on the bleachers, laughed at both Clifford’s actions and Parzych’s acting out of the story. The elementary Good Morning Program provided both a fitting topic and return to education as usual for BCS students and staff. “It’s time to move on and provide the students here with the good quality education we do,’’ Superintendent Jim Plows said. Some time between when the building cleared Monday, Sept. 28 and when the custodial staff opened the building at 5 a.m. Tuesday, vandals illegally entered the school. Damage began in the second floor science room. The room’s emergency shower - capable of dumping 50 gallons of water a minute - and a nearby emergency eye wash station were turned on. Water built up in the large room before the force of the pressure pushed the flowing water both under the doors and into the hall, and through the floor into the ceilings of the rooms below. Rooms damaged upstairs include the guidance office, the hallway and other offices. The school’s new 3D printers in the science room were not damaged. Water funneled through the ceiling hard enough to knock down ceiling tiles. That then led to direct dumping on rooms below. Damage downstairs includes the copy room, the hallway, a classroom and the district offices. All the student work and notices hung in the main hallway outside the offices suffered damages or were destroyed. From there, water went down one more floor to the cafeteria. The lunch room, an office and bathrooms were damaged. Molding on all three floors all along rooms, offices and the damaged hallways has been pulled up. Some furniture has been damaged in the district office. “When I came in at 6 a.m. water was pouring out of the ceiling over (district clerk) Christa Case’s desk like Niagara Falls,’’ Plows said. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Budget Tax Cap Needs Override
Budget concerns for next year came up at the Town of Augusta’s August meeting. Supervisor Sue Collins explained to the board about the state-set tax cap of less than 1 percent, at 73 percent. She said if the 2016 budget remains the same as the 2015 one, the town will not have enough money to pay expenses in 2016 without raising taxes. The board was asked to consider the Tax Cap Override as a precautionary measure. Collins said one of the town’s biggest revenues, sales tax, is coming in lower than usual, which is of great concern. The board has set a public hearing for 6:45 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15. Councilman Jim Dowd explained about a grant that JoAnne Humphreys and he have been working on to fix the flooding problems in Knoxboro. Dowd said this financial burden should not fall on Knoxboro residents alone, but should be a cost to all residents in the Town of Augusta The board voted to apply for the grant. Resident Howard Mosher asked the specifics on the town’s leash law. He was directed to file a complaint with Dog Control if he felt there was a warranting situation. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Mystery Of The Pyramids
Janelle Cleary and Harrison Elliott measure how long the wood needs to be for the side of their pyramid. They and all Waterville seventh graders built pyramids using different designs. The pyramids were then tested to see how much weight they could hold to determine which design was the strongest. Photos, page 12


Clarification on party lines on the Nov. 3 ballot in the Town of Sangerfield. Jeff Reynolds is running for the town board as a Democrat. He is listed on the Democratic and Republican lines unopposed. Kim Fancett is running for re-election for town justice as a Democrat. She is listed on the Democratic and Republican lines unopposed.

Week Two: Playboy Confessions

Waterville native Andrew Savage and all members of his Bayon tribe on ‘Survivor: Second Chance’ lived to move on to the third week. It was another member of the competing Ta Keo tribe who had to exit the show after the Bayons won the second challenge. While much of the last half hour of the show dealt with who on Ta Keo would go home, the first half focused more on the Bayons. And Savage, a WCS Class of 1981 graduate, shared some information about his personal reading material. Savage was shown giving assessments of how he thought his teammates were playing the game. One, he said, had no morals, values, loyalty, dignity, courage. Savage gave high marks to another who he said was playing the game 24/7. As for the Playboy magazine collection he owns, Savage said it was for research when his law firm represented the models. Not everyone was buying that he bought them for the articles though. The challenge included climbing up steep A-frame structures, dragging a box and figuring out a picture puzzle. Savage took the fast way off one of them on the way down, falling over the side instead of sliding down. Bayon’s luck, and certainly its look, changes this week when host Jeff Probst divides the two tribes into three. ‘Survivor: Second Chance’ and the third week of the show will be on CBS Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 8 to 9 p.m. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

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