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November 26, 2014 Front Page Headlines

Proposal Pros and Cons Aired At Village Hearing
Some people spoke in favor, some spoke against and others simply had questions at last week’s public hearing about an apartment complex for Putnam Street in Waterville. The village Planning Board conducted the 90-minute session as part of the process to see if the proposal will receive village approval. Waterville resident Dave Sullivan, a local developer, is offering to buy the village property at Putnam and Conger streets and put up three buildings with a total of 10 apartments. Sullivan attended the hearing, as did Mayor Gene Ostrander, trustees Brian Bogan and Tom McNamara, village attorney Bill Getman and about 40-45 people interested in the project. No decision was made by the four Planning Board members as to whether the project meets requirements. When and if that happens, the plan moves to the Village Board for a final decision. Planning Board chairman Dave O’Brien kept comments to five minutes, saying he and the board did not want a repeat of a previous meeting. At that one, he said, people made catcalls and grumblings and walked out. O’Brien opened the session by addressing a rumor that the land, which for decades was the site of the Waterville Knitting Mill, was contaminated. “I called the (environmental agency) in New York City and there just isn’t any evidence that shows that it is,’’ he said. In addition, the Planning Board has talked to numerous village and town departments on whether the project can be supported, he said. Putnam Street resident Kelly Falk discussed the historic nature of the street. She said Victorian houses on the street that now serve as apartments are still historical despite the additional residences. She sent around photos of the Brunswick building off the Village Park across from the bandstand. Sullivan purchased that building and renovated it as an apartment building. Falk’s two photos - one taken recently and one showing the original Brunswick - showed the versions looking similar. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Mission Being Accomplished
The couple finished picking out clothes that they needed to replace. A house fire had left them without anything. As the woman looked around the store, she asked Mike Marris a question. “Could I get a game,’’ she said. “It would make my daughter so happy and she needs something to cheer her up now.’’ Marris helped the mom pick out a game for her daughter. “Not that big of a deal,’’ he said, “but then, to them, that meant so much.’’ Creekside Community Outreach Center in Oriskany Falls opened a year ago this week. Today the space on the corner of Route 12B across from Tallman’s Diner just barely allows room for people to walk between the rows and shelves of stuff. Creekside is a mission taken on by the Oriskany Falls Methodist Church. For years, the church talked about doing some sort of mission thrift store, but the idea never moved into the action stage. Last year, though, during Bible study discussions, the idea resurfaced. Rev. Becky Parry encouraged the participants to make it a reality. “She really took the lead and got us energized,’’ Marris said. One of the early hurdles was where to put such a place. Marris said some possibilities in the village carried rent of up to $1,200 a month. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Sports Ineligibility Discussed

Waterville Central School will make a few tweaks to its guidelines for student athletes to better monitor academic progress. At last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, Athletic Director Jon Thummler said as a result of the 10-week report cards just issued, 25 student athletes were either put on probation or deemed ineligible. Students on probation, which number 18 as of last week, can practice and play in games with their team. Ineligible students cannot do either. Six students are ineligible. One student made up work and was taken off probation. Thummler said students need an overall minimum average of 70. Students with an average under that - even if they are passing all classes in the high 60s - go on probation, as does any student failing one class. Students failing two or more classes are ineligible. Students with serious discipline infractions are also ineligible. Those students need to have an athletic eligibility hearing before they can rejoin the team. Coaches are notified when a student is put on probation or ineligible, Thummler said. Students attend a study hall after school to try to increase their grades. Thummler said the proposed study hall for all student athletes right after school will likely be done. Modified football coaches Mike Batson and Robert Piersma came up with the idea after losing a number of players to ineligibility late in their season. Thummler said the two coaches are big supporters of the academic standards. “That is the kind of focus we need to keep kids on track with their grades,’’ he said. Although report cards come out every 10 weeks, Thummler said grades are checked every two-and-a-half weeks. For students ineligible or on probation, each week teachers with the courses in question fill out a progress card. If the teacher signs off that the student has shown effort, the student can return to the team. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Go Home Drill Done
On Tuesday, Nov. 25 several area school districts will carry out a Go Home drill. In general, students will be dismissed 15 minutes before their normal dismissal time; however, each individual district will notify parents, students and staff members as to the specifics of their plans. The participating school districts include Brookfield Cent-ral, Sauquoit Valley Central and Waterville Central Schools.

Internet Safety
Waterville Central School District will host Wendy Fical from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to discuss internet safety and awareness Thursday, Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Junior-Senior High School. Fical will give a presentation for parents on a variety of issues, including cyber bullying, as well as demonstrating the potential implications and consequences of unsafe internet usage.

Parade Of Lights
The Waterville Historical Society has lined up an evening of entertainment following the annual Parade of Lights Friday, Nov. 28. The Waterville Historical Society Choraleers will be singing Christmas carols on the front steps of the Historical Society at 220 East Main St. Visitors are invited to drop in to Barton Hall, either before or after your visit to Santa at the Firehouse next door, to enjoy hot mulled cider, warm pretzels, hot pop corn and cookies. Pull up a chair and join a sing along with the Choraleers for some musical entertainment. Get some early Holiday shopping done at the Society store. Be sure to ask for your free Waterville Historical society pencil to take home as a souvenir. The Parade of Lights begins at 6:30 p.m.

Buildings Reviewed
Village of Waterville board members went over a list of vacant buildings provided by Codes office Whitey Brown at last week’s meeting. The list included business buildings and houses.

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