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May 27, 2015 Front Page Headlines

Memorial Day 2015
During Waterville’s Memorial Day ceremonies in the park, C.J. Fulmer American Legion Post Chaplain Lou Langone reads the list of local servicemen killed or missing in action since WWI. The Waterville Fire Department honor guard carries the flags down Main Street at the start of the village’s parade. More photos, Page 8.

The Military As A Career
Carol Zieres thought her roommate had an idea worth checking out. The 1978 Waterville central school graduate was a freshman at SUNY Oswego when her roommate suggested they attend a meeting about a new program. Run through Syracuse University, it was called ROTC. And they particularly wanted women. ''I was strapped for cash," said Zieres, who now lives in Safety Harbor, Fla. "They paid $100 a month which at the time covered rent, food, gas and then some." She also joined an Army Reserve medical unit at Fort Drum for another $100 a month. "I thought I'd see the world and pay for my education." When she graduated from Oswego in 1982 with a degree in biology Zieres was commissioned an officer. In February 2011 Zieres retired as a full bird colonel. "My roommate stayed in two years then quit," Zieres said. "My roommate asks now why didn't she also stay in." For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Remembering A Silver Star Soldier
It was 1943 and World War II was at its height with over 16 million American men and women serving our country in the armed forces. There were fierce and bloody battles raging in Europe, Africa and Asia and during that year the tide of the war had shifted in favor of America and our allies. Myron Bancroft, a boyhood friend, and I were playing sandlot baseball with a group of other Waterville kids. Myron was telling me how his brother, Edwin, had just won the Silver Star medal while fighting in North Africa. At that time I knew nothing about the Silver Star, but listening to Myron it sounded as if this was a tremendous award. Remembering that day, I made sure that I listed the award next to Edwin’s name in the Waterville Community Honor Roll in the appendix of my book ‘The Star in the Window’. The Honor Roll was a listing of service men and women serving in the armed forces. What is the Silver Star Medal Award? The Silver Star Medal - a gold star with a silver citation star embedded in the center - is the third-highest decoration awarded for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States of America. It succeeded the Citation Star award first established by Congress in 1918. In 1932 the Citation Star was converted by Congress to the Silver Star Award and is surpassed only by the Distinguished Service Medal and the highest award for bravery in action against the enemy, the Congressional Medal of Honor. It was during the African and Middle Eastern campaign that Edwin S. Bancroft was awarded the Silver Star for bravery in the face of the enemy. In the early months of the fighting in North Africa, American troops suffered heavy casualties, defeat and embarrassment. In February 1943 at the Battle of Kasserine Pass in central Tunisia, the poorly-led American troops were put in retreat by Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Corps. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Budgets All Approved

Waterville and Brookfield school district budgets both passed easily last week. In Waterville, 247 residents supported the 16.7 million budget while 61 did not. The bus vote passed 217-83. Board members Jamie Crandall and Roberta Williams both won new terms without opposition. Brookfield's budget passed 132-56. Sean Karn was reelected.

Village of Waterville
Even though the Waterville village board denied a zoning change for an apartment project the topic dominated last week's board meeting. Resident Liz Barnes asked the board to give thought to what should be done with the former mill site. She suggested forming a community committee to find a solution acceptable to the neighbors. Board members and residents discussed creating a strategic plan for the village. Trustee Tom McNamara said the village should take the property off the market until the village decides what should go there. Trustee Bruce green said he would like to see it go for a business site although not industry. Other suggestions were for a daycare and green space. The board voted to avoid the purchase contract with developer Dave Sullivan on the property.

Season Ends For Waterville
The season ended for the Waterville varsity softball team with a loss to Sandy Creek in the first round. The No. 12 seed Indians lost 13-2 to the No. 5 seed Comets. Waterville Coach Bob Clendennen is a few wins shy of 400. No. 4 Brookfield hosts No. 5 LaFargeville Tuesday.

Baby Issue
Watch for our popular Oh, What a Beautiful Baby issue to be printed in next week’s Times. Thank you all for your patience.

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