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October 22, 2014 Front Page Headlines

Surprise For Cheerleader
Even the tears from his own eyes and those of daughter Ryanne Solinsky failed to wash all the glitter off Army Major Christian Solinsky’s face. Ryanne, a ninth grader at Waterville High School and member of the cheerleading squad, and her dad reunited for the first time in a year at halftime of the Indians’ football game Friday at home. Solinsky and Ryanne’s mom, Erin Glazier, conspired to surprise their daughter at the game with her dad’s homecoming. A delay in arriving from Connecticut moved the plan from right before the game to halftime. After the cheerleaders completed their halftime show, they were told to stay on the field. All the other girls moved in a circle, shading Ryanne’s view of the sidelines. As announcer Matt St. Peter said he wanted to introduce a special guest who had just returned from Afghanistan, fans began to stand and clap. Glazier and her husband, Corey, escorted Solinsky out on the field. Before he reached the cheerleaders, out ran his daughter. “When I heard about a soldier coming home I knew it had to be me,’’ Ryanne said. “I knew he was there.’’ The two embraced in a long hug, giving most of those in attendance time to find something to wipe their own eyes. Solinsky’s wet face picked up the glitter from his daughter’s hair. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Leaders Program Considered
The best role models for students can be found amongst their own classmates. Gary Ford and Peter Tamburro spoke to the Waterville Board of Education last week. The two men created and run a program, formerly called Lead USA and now Legacy, that shows students leaders how to pass those traits on to other students. That in turn, Ford said, builds a positive culture for students to feel safe in the school environment. “In high school the worst things are to be picked on, put down, left out, left behind,’’ Ford said. “We look at leadership, what makes a good leader. The expectations we set are high,’’ he said. Several years ago the district did bring in Lead USA to work with students on creating a positive atmosphere in the school. Ford and Tamburro said Waterville students took to the values and accountability for setting a good example. WCSD is looking at programs to improve the school culture after hearing in June from a 2014 graduate who said he had been bullied and picked on. Superintendent Chuck Chafee said a diversity training program for teachers at the High School has started that will be done at Memorial Park School also. Board president Bud Dorr in September called on the students, staff, parents and community to embrace the idea for changing the culture. Ford and Tamburro said their program also involves a community component. Tamburro said the signs posted outside the two school buildings of Behave, Believe, Achieve, are the common traits of Legacy. “We begin with the power of positive attitudes for individuals,’’ he said. Tamburro said students learn there is a difference between success and significance. “What impact do you make on others is one of our key points,’’ he said. Legacy starts with 30 to 40 sophomores and juniors who are nominated by teachers to participate. These are student leaders and students with potential to lead. After learning the qualities of good leadership, they teach those to other students, working down to the elementary school level. Tamburro said the program cannot be done in isolation. “Teachers and the community have to support this,’’ he said. Board member Susy Quayle said she had some concerns. “I wonder if it would be better to focus on the younger kids and stop bad behavior before it starts,’’ she said. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Brookfield Dog Officer Quits

Town of Brookfield dog control officer, Ed Dineen resigned, saying selected town board members had talked trash about him. Dineen’s letter to the town, sent Sept. 9 and received four days later, said he would resign as of Sept. 30. However, he ended it by offering to meet with town officials to try to work things out. At last week’s town board meeting, with Supervisor John Salka absent, the other four board members said they were not aware of any attempt to meet with Dineen. Dineen also confirmed with someone that he was never contacted by anyone from the town after he sent his letter. Dineen saw the town through its dog census this year and also helped shut down at least two properties with a number of dogs and cats that needed care. He was appointed in February to replace longtime dog control officer Gordon Chafee. Last month Dineen faced criticism from a couple of residents at the September town board meeting. He was not in attendance and had not attended any board meetings this year. The residents said Dineen carried pepper spray, which they said was illegal, and did not have identification saying he was the dog officer. The residents said the pepper spray was carried in a holster such as a gun would be. Councilman Clint Abrams said Dineen had a badge supplied by the town and his car was marked. Town attorney Paul Hadley said the pepper spray was not illegal. At the September meeting and again last week, Councilman Dewitt Head said he thought Dineen should attend a board meeting. He also criticized how Dineen was hired. “I still to this day never met the man,’’ Head said. “I told our supervisor I wanted to get together. He works for the town. That didn’t happen.’’ For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Regional Book Read
Mid-York Library System’s third Regional Read has begun. This year the program brings together the traditional and the trendy by exploring both the vibrant agricultural community that has long formed a vital part of the economy of Herkimer, Madison and Oneida counties, and the newer phenomenon of the locavore, an individual who endeavors to eat more food that is produced locally. For adults and teens, the book is ‘The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love’ by Rome native Kristin Kimball. For older children, the book is ‘Potatoes on Rooftops: Farming in the City’ by Hadley Dyer, and the picture book selection for younger children is ‘Tops & Bottoms’ by Janet Stevens. Kimball will speak Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 11a a.m. at Morrisville State College.

Playoffs Start
Both the Waterville and Brookfield girls varsity soccer teams will host playoff games this week. Waterville's 10th win last week earned a game at Brothertown Field Thursday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. vs. Little Falls. The Indians are the eighth seed and Little Falls is the ninth. The winner moves on in the 17-team Class C bracket to play either No. 1 Bishop Grimes or the winner of Manlius Pebble Hill vs. South Lewis. League champ Brookfield hosts CCL opponent DeRuyter Tuesday, Oct. 21 in a 3 p.m. game. The Beavers, seeded No. 3 out of the 13 Class D teams, would also be home in the next game, playing either Lafargeville or Remsen. Brookfield boys earned the 9th seed in Class D and head to CCL opponent McGraw Wednesday. If the Beavers win, they take on No. 1 Copenhagen. Madison boys play at Sackets Harbor Wednesday. Although not in the playoffs, the Waterville varsity football team has one more game. The Indians will play in a crossover with Beaver River. That game will be in Lowville, either Thursday or Friday night at 6. Check our Facebook page throughout the week for schedule and game updates.

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