Village Office

122 Barton Avenue
Waterville, NY 13480
315.841.8007 fax

Brenda Knoeller
Records Management

Ruben Ostrander
(315) 525-7832

Scott Woodhouse
Deputy Mayor/Trustee

(315) 841-4993

Tom McNamara

(315) 841-8018

Brian Bogan

(315) 841-8527

Bruce Treen

(315) 841-8161

Anthony (Jamie) Bechy

DPW Superintendent

(315) 841-4221

William Brown

Codes Enforcement

(315) 841-4221
or (315) 525-1892

William Getman

Village Attorney

(315) 841-8021

Robert K. McNamara
Village Justice

(315) 841-8737


The Waterville Village Board members would like the residents of the Village of Waterville to know that if they have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact any board member.

At  every board meeting, time is set out for public participation and  citizens are given an opportunity to address the board. 

The regular  meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and they start at 7 p.m.



ONEIDA COUNTY intergenerational
clean up weekend

For the Senior Citizen: Youth volunteers from area schools, youth serving agencies, colleges, and Faith based organizations will assist you with your lawn work. General yard clean up will include: Sweeping, raking, bagging, sorting light refuse. The date is May 3rd and May 4th brought to you by the Office for the Aging and Continuing Care and Oneida County Youth Bureau. Applications to register are available at the Village Hall.

green waste pickup April 15 & 18

Grass clippings and green waste must be set out in a DUMPABLE container weighing less than 50lbs. Brush, not more than 6 inches in diameter, must be tied in bundles no more than 5 feet long, weighing no more than 50 pounds. There is a limit of 6 bundles per pick up.


A reminder to all Village Combined Utility customers: Combined Utility invoices are due to be received in the Village Municipal Office no later than May 1, 2014. On May 2, 2014 all unpaid invoices will have a 15% penalty added. If you live inside the Village any outstanding invoice will be re-levied to your taxes. If you live outside the Village your water service will be turned off an will not be turned back on until all outstanding invoices are paid in full and an additional $100 turn on fee is paid.


One pair of prescription sunglasses found at the Village Hall. They have hearts on the bows, near the earpiece. Contact the Village Hall for more information.


Help Wanted: Part-time cleaner, 5 hours weekly. Contact the Village Hall at 841-4221.


Thursdays from 2 to 7 p.m. - Biweekly starting Thursday, Dec. 5 at the Waterville Bank Building, 114 E. Main Street. Local. Fresh. Good. Local growers and producers.


Please take notice that the fiscal affairs of the Village of Waterville for fiscal year ending 5/31/2013 have been examined by the accounting firm of Moore & Hart has been filed in my office where it is available as public record for inspections by all interested persons.

Brenda Knoeller Treasurer/Clerk Village of Waterville


The Village of Waterville, is requesting bids on all labor and material to install a 1119 LF, 6’ high chain link fence on 2 sides of the, Village DPW Garage, property located at 141 Conger Ave. Waterville, NY 13480

The Specification is on file in the Village Clerk’s office, 122 Barton Ave. Waterville, New York. Hours, Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm &1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Each proposal must be accompanied by a bid bond or certified check made payable to the Village of Waterville and in the amount equal to 5% of the total bid.

Bids must be submitted to: Village Clerk, 122 South Barton Ave., Waterville, New York 13480 by no later than 3:00 P.M. on Monday April 21, 2014. The bid shall be in a envelope marked Fence Bid.

The Village of Waterville has the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Jamie Bechy
Superintendent of Public Works


Please click the above link for a description and photographs of the Dam Decommission Project.

Village Owned Parks and Municipal Grounds Tobacco Free Policy

The Village Board adopted the 2014-2015 Village Budget at the regular meeting on April 7. To view the 2014-2015 Budget, please click the above link.

village meetings

Click here to view the Agenda for our upcoming meeting and unapproved Meeting Minutes.

2013 annual drinking water report

The view the 2013 Annual Drinking Water Report, please click the above link.

in the event of an emergency

The Village offices open at 9 a.m.-12 noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you have a water leak problem after hours or on the weekend please contact: DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy at (315) 841-4426 or (315) 525-1429.